BB-40 Model

In the Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, TX there is a beautiful 6-ft model of the battleship USS NEW MEXICO. Commissioned by the USS New Mexico BB-40 Association, the model was built at Baton Rouge, LA during the period 1989-1991 by Gordon Boutwell, PhD, PE.

It resides in a glass case and represents, in all its intricate detail, the NEW MEXICO in its 1945 configuration with twelve 14-inch guns in triple turrets and fourteen 5-inch guns in single mounts.

Outside of the museum, there are walls with plaques honoring the ships that served in the Pacific Theatre. A plaque donated by the USS New Mexico Association lists BB-40’s service in WWII – the battles in the Aleutians, Gilberts, Marshalls, Marianas, Philippines and Okinawa and the occupation of Japan. The plaque concludes with the following:

Shipmates from our queen, hope that when we die, We all will muster in and assemble in the sky, And then the high command, will order us to go Aboard that phantom ship, the USS New Mexico

The plaque is “dedicated to the memory of the shipmates who served and died aboard the battleship USS New Mexico” and declares the camaraderie of the crew with the words: “Shipmates – Then/Now/Forever”.